Services Offered

Xtreme Auto Recovery was founded in 1989. We provide our clients professional skip tracing services by our in-house, licensed, New York State private investigators. Our staff also includes highly trained agents, equipped with the latest tools of the trade such as state of the art key cutters and programmers, and a complete fleet of newer recovery vehicles to ensure smooth and damage free recoveries. Each truck has full gps location and laptops with high speed internet and equipped with RDN recovery software which keeps our staff current on all cases in real time. We are also prepared for heavy snow removal to obtain collateral.

The owner, Joe Abbass, is involved 100% in the day-to-day operations and prides himself in being "hands on" working with other team members. For the last 20+ years we have specialized in asset recovery on the Fort Drum military installation.
Voluntary Repossessions
A voluntary surrender is when the debtor agrees to release the collateral to an appointed representative of the lienholder. An appointment with the debtor generally is required to provide service within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your assignment. We will recover your collateral, provide required reports, and forward that information to you.

Skip Leases
Locating that hard to find debtor is where our company is at its best. We have the best contact list in America, developed over several years of skip tracing and networking. We are well versed in the newest techniques in the skip field. We have relationships with professional skip tracers from around the country that help keep us informed at all times. We have access to run any search on any person, address, or business that you request. Most importantly, we are trained in street investigations to communicate with neighbors, relatives, fellow employees, etc., without disclosing why we are aking questions. Only the best should skip trace for your debtor in this very litigious time that we live in. We are aware of the laws and the lawsuits. We keep a library of all legal decisions related to this very critical skill in protecting your portfolio. We are looking out for you by providing the best possible skip locate service in the country.

LPR Camera Cars
Digital Recognition Network System LPR camera technology assists us in nationwide asset locating. This techology is an invaluable tool in locating valuable collateral more efficiently, and reduces loss and recovery times.

Collateral Storage
With Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc., your collateral is protected at all times in our insured, well-lit storage lot with 8FT barbed wire topped fencing.

Collateral Transportation
Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc. is a full service company. We can transport any type of collateral anywhere in the world. Please contact our office to discuss fees associated with this service. We deliver to these auctions daily: Adesa Auto Auction Buffalo, Adesa Auto Auction Syracuse, Stateline Auto Auction Waverly, CNY Auto Auction Lafayette, Rochester-Syracuse Auto Auction Waterloo, and Expressway Auto Auction Dannsville. We also have several other auto auctions from other states that pickup from us on a weekly basis.

Locksmith Services
Locksmithing services are available through our network of trained professionals.

Impound Representation
Working with local authorities when a unit has been impounded is a lot like walking through a mine field. Road blocks are at every corner, and sometimes the unit is not even worth picking up.

Field Investigation
Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc. will work any address, person, or business at your request. We will provide any type of information that you request.

Door Knocks
Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc. will conduct a visit to the debtor’s home or place of employment to discuss your account. We will request that we make a phone call to you while we are there with the debtor. We will complete a condition report on the collateral if it is present. If the debtor is not at the given address when we visit, we will leave a sealed envelope, marked confidential, advising the debtor that we represent the creditor and that you have requested we contact them on your behalf.

Field Condition Reports
Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc. will complete a condition report on the collateral at the location that you request. We will provide as many digital pictures as needed to provide a full and complete description of your collateral.

Xtreme Auto Recovery Inc. uses as many digital pictures as it takes with a complete disposition report of your collateral upon request. This service generally will assist you in determining if your collateral is worth recovering or not, when the value is in question.

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